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So a baker, a builder, and an architect walk into a blog… 04.10.2009

Posted by Dan Sheehan in BnB.
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The author at work.Blogs most powerful attribute is that they lack specific function. Blogs can be anything the user wants.

It was this freedom that kept me from throwing my hat into the blogosphere. It seemed impossible to consider a function that would be worthwhile for my readers and I. It’s not that I didn’t like blogs. I loved them. Seriously though, were my interests worth the bandwidth? The short answer was no.

But now I have a blog. What changed? Three things: First, the realization that blogging is a dialog. Second, and more importantly, that I can distill my interests into a tidier package. Third, finding function. So gentle people, I present Bread and Buttress, a blog devoted to both of my professions, baking and architecture.

So, please note that I have lied to you. Bread and Buttress does not have a specific function. Like my architecture (and my baking, I suppose) this blog is a mixture of specifically defined functions and flexible space for other forms of communication. It is beginning as a portfolio, advertisement, education tool for clients, and most importantly a transparent look at the construction and baking trades.

I hope that as BnB evolves, new uses will emerge and superfluous ones will be trimmed away. In this way, I hope to maintain my side of the conversation with you. I am both anxious and excited. Let’s see what happens.

D. Sheehan
April 10, 2009