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Lost Mapping 09.21.2009

Posted by Dan Sheehan in Links.
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Waiting for the final season of Lost? Me too. January 2010 can’t come fast enough. I’m excited to see how J.J. Abrams et al. can possibly wrap up a show that has built itself on becoming more confusing every time it provides explains itself. It’s also bee hard for fans to get a leg up on information, mostly because all of it is seemingly contradictory. For instance, I’ve always assumed that mapping the island would be impossible. However, it seems that the creators have at least been consistent enough to allow for some cartographic sleuthing. Check out some good quality island maps created by Lost fan yung23, Here.

Thanks Super Colossal


Hot Links: Strange Maps 09.14.2009

Posted by Dan Sheehan in Links.
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I’ve always wanted to meet a mapmaker.  It’s one of those trades that has a foothold in both the creative and rational worlds.  The mapmaker is a spatial artist. (like architects)  Yet they are also tasked with organizing relationships between pieces of information.  Here’s a blog that celebrates maps and the folks that make ’em.

Strange Maps