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Bread and Buttress is an architect and a baker!  Listed below is pricing for both services.

Conceptual Design

This service offers the client an economical way to play with their ideas.  After sitting down with a client and hashing through ideas and dreams, a number of different concepts are offered as design solutions.  These concepts are produced digitally in 3D, to the scale of the project.  A round or two of modifications are made with further client input.  Finished conceptual files are your to keep.  Rough construction cost is provided to determine feasibility.  This cost is from $200 to $500, flat fee based on project size.

Permit Drawings

A set of drawings is digitally produced in order to obtain a building permit.  This service is hourly based in payment, at $20/hr.

Construction Drawings

Depending on the professional relationship, sometimes a client will take over the design process from here.   The permit set is modified for construction and the design is further distilled.   Applicable details are rendered.  $20/hr.

Construction Consultation

This can be useful, but not necessary, for those unfamiliar with construction.  Ideally a client will have a licensed general contractor.  In other cases, a good project manager can be an asset to getting a project completed on time and on budget.  $25/hr.

Baked Goods

Bread and Buttress makes professional quality pastries and cakes for your event.  Ingredients are sourced naturally and organically when possible.  Price varies based on need.  Email for additional info.



1. Anonymous - 06.02.2009

As your mother I am so proud of what you have undertaken and accomplished in your professional life. You are very wholistic in your thinking, creating, designing and baking. It was great to see that Grandma made the blog, she would have loved it. Grandpa was ahead of his time with “surround sound” on his deck! Can’t wait until our visit to Seattle and visiting, tasting, etc. etc.

duffster3 - 06.09.2009

Thanks Mom (jeez this is embarassing) See you in July!

2. George - 06.05.2009

D – this is awesome! way to get out there man!

I’ll be sure to frequent your site –


3. Mex - 06.05.2009

Hey Dan the Man,
This is awesome. Great job. I had no idea. I just thought you were a cute, goofy, but sweet guy who is dating my Mija. And makes yummy treats.
Don’t forget you are designing my bookcases when my room is finished.
Ciao Bambino!
Kelsey’s Mexican Mom

duffster3 - 06.09.2009

You’ll be on the receiving end of some baked goods, fear not. Let me know when permitting goes through and you’re ready for some bookcase design.

4. Marth - 08.04.2009

Whats the price for shipping… the pastries in DC are bugger.

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