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Biking the friendliest city, Vancouver, B.C.

Bread and Buttress is a labor of love by baker and builder, Dan Sheehan.  You can find him working as prep baker in Ballard or biking around the Central District.

You can reach him at duffster3@gmail.com



1. Barbara and Lenny Tartaglia - 06.05.2009

Hi dear Daniel,

Wow! We are impressed with your creativity, diversity and ambition; but we are not surprised. Last week our Hartford newspaper featured a lawyer turned baker and candy maker. A man of many talents not to be deterred by money-making. Sure reminded us of you. Your dear parents keep us up on your adventures. We can only be on the sidelines and wish you the best. Remember to chew your food well (a note from Lenny)!!

Hugs and love,
Barbara and Lenny

2. Susan Evans - 06.05.2009

You rock my world, roommie. Taking the world by storm, in just your awesome style. Can’t wait to see the posts rolling in… :) Much much love to you.

Oh and BTW, the complements continue to roll in on the amazing bookshelves you built at Office Nomads. That room has never looked better, and everyone agrees. Especially our property managers. Hello space improvement!!

duffster3 - 06.09.2009

Well, roommate of mine, you realize that without the Office Nomads community this idea would have never crystallized. It’s coworking environments like yours that allow a guy like me the wisdom to find the usefulness in a blog and the wherewithal to create one.

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